Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tired 15K

I was tired, but believe it or not, I felt better than I did last Tuesday for the 15K. Add in better roads (overall...there were still icy spots, but we went on streets instead of the Jordan River Parkway, which was a better choice given this week's snow dump) and my time was quite a bit faster.

Kelly, on the other hand, felt terrible today. Just awful. Her GI system was cramping and screaming the WHOLE TIME. I have no idea who she put up with the pain, but at 10K she'd had enough and had to quit.

I walked a bit more slowly for the first 10K than I would have alone, for obvious reasons. I wasn't going to leave my buddy in the dust, and it wasn't critical to be fast today.

The weather was very cold. It was 12F (-11C) which is warmer than it's been in the morning, but there was a slight breeze and light snow and it just felt very, very cold today. Turns out that with the wind chill it FELT like -1F (-18.3C). I really wanted to stop when Kelly did and go get a hot coffee, but I didn't. I finished the workout alone and tried not to think about the cold, which helped.

My 5K splits were: 31:51, 32:24, and 31:02. You can see I walked faster after Kelly had to stop. I feel pretty sure I could have walked 1:32 today, but honestly, my legs were quite tired and I was happy to go slower. Total time: 1:35:16 with ave HR 143.

One bothersome issue - the medial side of my left ankle/lower shin is a bit painful today. I think it might be from the curves on the indoor track, but I'm not sure. It didn't hurt too much on the 15K but as the day has worn on it's started to hurt more, and it takes effort not to limp a bit. I'm not too concerned yet as I expect that tomorrow's cross-training day will ease the strain and let it rest. I certainly want it to be OK, because I've been training too well to get injured now!

Garmin data here.

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