Saturday, January 19, 2013


Yesterday I went to the gym and did about 40 minutes of cardio - bike, elliptical, rowing machine. The rowing machine doesn't hurt at all, except that my muscles are most unused to it, so about 10 minutes is all I can do at a time for now. I can build up if necessary.

The bike and elliptical hurt a bit less yesterday than previously. Perhaps I'm seeing some improvement. The elliptical BACKWARDS was much better, so I did it that way, which was a bit awkward but hey, it got my heart rate up.


Today I decided to do a longer cardio session since I had time. I did 30 min on the bike (with minor discomfort only), tried the stair stepper and decided it hurt too much, did 30 min on the elliptical alternating forward and backward (mostly backward, as the discomfort is less), and then 10 min on the rowing machine.

I feel like my leg is gradually improving. I continue to take naprosyn and use the TENS machine Kelly is letting me borrow. I drove to Provo yesterday afternoon (took a few sick hours with the boss' permission) to have her give me an ultrasound treatment, and her professor taped my leg too. Free PT! I love it!

It still hurts just to walk around, but it definitely seems better. Having the weekend off work will most likely help, as I walk quite a bit at work.

I'm taking it one day at a time. Yesterday I was a bit discouraged, but this morning I'm feeling more optimistic and hopeful that I'll be racewalking again soon. As long as I stay off the indoor track (well, counterclockwise anyway) I should be fine once I resume training, as it wasn't the normal training load that did this to me. That's some comfort and hope anyway.

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