Thursday, January 17, 2013

injury update

It still hurts. Pretty bad.

This morning at the gym I did a cardio survey to see what hurts.

Elliptical - ouch.
Regular stationary bike - hurts a little.
Recumbent bike - pretty good; might be able to do this.
Arm cycle - fine but kills my wimpy arms! Might have to work up to this.
Rowing machine - surprisingly doesn't hurt much.

Didn't try swimming. That's pretty much my last resort I think. I wish I liked it more but I just don't.

I'm really bummed. A week off and I might be able to recover and train well enough and still hit a qualifying time. More than that, and it's not going to happen :(.

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Harriet said...

How are your calves? I've had trouble with this too, and strengthening and stretching the calf muscles (especially the soleus...the small "underneath" calf muscle) really helps.

This is about the Achilles tendon (that is not bothering you) but these exercises seem to help this area as well: