Monday, January 14, 2013

3x2K; 4x422m on indoor track

We wimped out. It was just TOO cold out there this morning for speed work. It was only 1F (-17.2C). An easy 10K would have been OK I think, but not speed work. Unfortunately, the indoor track doesn't open until 6 am, and Kelly has to leave for school at 7 am. Our workout was, with warm-up, about 1 hr and 15 min, so we had to do it this afternoon. I got a sitter after work and met Kelly at my house. We drove to the Field House at the U and warmed up for about 1500m, stretched, and got going.

9.5 laps of the 211m track is 2004.5m, so we could pretty easily do 2K intervals that Jim had assigned. We started out faster than I'd planned on, but I was feeling good and wanted to test myself. We did the first 2K in 10:39.3, crossing the 1 mile mark in 8:22 (wow! that was fast!!!). After that I thought we might pay later, because that was the fastest 2K interval I've ever done. However, after 2 min rest (that was our rest interval for everything today) we cranked out another fast 2K, in 10:41.8. I thought we might have trouble holding that, and Kelly said after that she was really hurting bad on the last one, but we did hold it and finished in 10:41.7. Wow. Can't believe it. Kelly looked at my knees a few times and said they were good; only at one spot did she say my right knee might be a bit soft. I have the feeling my right knee was iffy at times, but I DID think about it and I think it was OK most of the time. I will continue to focus on bringing my right hip through low and hopefully that will keep the problem at bay.

Then we had 4x500. Jim said we could do 4x422m instead, that that would be good enough given that it's nigh unto impossible to measure 500m exactly on this track (527.5, no problem - that's 2.5 laps) because the only markings are at the start. Halfway is pretty easy to see, but after that it gets dicey. So...422m it was. We started fast and stayed that way. Our times were 2:07.6, 2:04.3 (Kelly led this one and promised we'd go slower hahaha!), 2:07.4 and 2:08.3 (oops...just edited this as I got it wrong the first time). (Those equate to 2:31 and 2:27 500s!).

Afterward we cooled off, walking slowly around the track a couple times. We drove back to my house and stretched and had lattes :) as well. We agreed that our legs were definitely quite Jell-O-like though, and that we might benefit from an ice bath.

So later this evening I got in the tub and ran the VERY COLD water. Seriously, the water was SO VERY COLD I could hardly believe it. I didn't need any ice, that's for sure. After 10 minutes in there my skin was red and I decided to see what the temperature was of the water. It was only 45F (7C)!!!!! EEEEK! No wonder it was so cold! I'm now trying to thaw out a bit.

I hope that helped. We agreed we had to do something to recover our legs, because we have 15K in the morning, and yeah, we pretty much have to do it in the morning because of our schedules tomorrow. It's going to be very, very cold, but we'll bundle up and hope for the best.

Garmin data here.

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