Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doctor visit

Well...about what I expected. The doctor (who is very good) said I do indeed have posterior tibialis tendonitis. She gave me a prescription for a stronger anti-inflammatory and also for physical therapy at the running clinic, where they will do various treatments to try and "calm it down" as well as analyze my gait for clues as to the cause, etc. The only problem is that the running clinic has no openings until February 6th. So...helpful, and not helpful.


This morning: woke up a bit late but still got in 30 min (3.7 miles) on the elliptical. My leg is still sore and grumpy from Monday's 2 miles. That's pathetic :(. I'm not feeling optimistic about a speedy recovery. I think my chances for qualifying for nationals are rapidly going away. Still hoping against hope that is not true, but trying to temper it with some realism.

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