Monday, January 21, 2013

a little better

Yesterday I took a rest day.


Today my leg was feeling pretty good, so I tested it out with a racewalk. I went to Liberty Park, where it was a toasty warm 10F (-12.2C). Despite the cold, it felt SO good to racewalk again. I felt terrific, and was able to go pretty fast. My leg didn't hurt very much, but this injury seems a bit pernicious in that it doesn't start to hurt the worst until after I'm done. About 1km in, it did ache a little, and by 2.5-3km it was a bit more bothersome. I stopped briefly to roll my foot around, and it definitely was fairly sore, so I headed back to the car and stopped at 3.4km. I really didn't want to stop but knew it would be the smartest thing not to overdo it; I'd had in my mind to do 5km but that wasn't to be.

I iced it and used the TENS machine, and though I'm at work and walking a bit more than I did on the weekend, it's not too bad now. It's definitely a bit more sore than yesterday when I didn't do anything, but it's not too awful. After I leave work I'm going to use the elliptical for a while to get some more exercise. The scale has been most unkind with my reduced level of activity, so it's time to crack down more seriously now.

Total 3.41 km in 19:36 for 5:45/km with ave HR 146. I really did feel great, until I had to stop...sigh......

Garmin data here.

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