Thursday, January 10, 2013

10K fartlek

Big post....

Weather: warm and windy - means snow is coming. It was 49F (almost 10C!) to start and 43F when I finished. Temperature dropping rapidly as the front moves in. Wind was 22mph gusting to 33mph. That obviously affected the workout negatively.

Legs: nice and fresh to start, but I did get pretty tired on the last slight uphill into the wind (starting at about 6km). The last 3km really hurt, though I pulled off a 2:44 for the last 500m. For the conditions, I think it was a pretty decent time.

Course: Track under snow, so this was at Liberty Park and on 600E. Slight uphills and slight downhills along the way mean that the 500m splits are a bit odd at times; factor in the wind and it's stranger yet.

Total time 58:11. Average HR 162; max 173. I was pushing very hard, and it shows.

Garmin data here.

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