Friday, January 04, 2013


Today I did 8K with Kelly. We are having really cold weather right now, so we opted to go at noon rather than the crack of dawn. It was still cold, but not so bad in the sun. This morning at my house it was 6F (-14.4C) and at noon at Liberty Park it was 19F (-7.2C). That's probably about as warm as it's going to get today. Brrrr.

Still, all bundled up with fleece and my new warm jacket, I was fine. The sun helped a lot to keep us warm, and we agreed it really wasn't so bad as long as we were moving! And at least it was dry, we had good toe-off, and it wasn't windy.

My legs still don't feel recovered from last week/Tuesday/whatever. But they do feel a lot better than they did! The first km today was awkward and stiff but then I loosened up and felt OK.

Total time 48:40 for 8K (by Kelly's watch; mine said we were at 7.94k) for 6:05/km with ave HR 148. My HR seemed high again today, probably because my muscles are still sore.

Garmin data here.

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