Tuesday, January 08, 2013

almost 15K

We were slow today and part of the trail was unexpectedly slippery, so we cut the workout a bit short so I could get my kids to school on time - barely made it, but I made it. We did 14.65km instead of 15; close enough.

It was warmer today! It was 24F and noticeably less cold than the past few days. Whew.

Kelly and I were both sore after yesterday's 5x1km. Our legs were very heavy, and then at 9km, Kelly's foot started to hurt (the one she rolled a month ago) and so she jogged the last 6km. I racewalked the whole thing, but I was very slow. Some 500m were as slow as 3:35ish because of the ice and snow on the portion of the trail south of Winchester Park (from about 6-9km of our workout). If we'd known that, we would have gone north a ways instead, but we didn't know. Oops.

Poor Kelly was really hurting. First her legs were tired, like mine, then her foot started to hurt, and then she was nauseated. She didn't feel better until later after she'd had a cup of tea. She's had stomach issues for a few days and I wonder if she has the norovirus that's been going around in Provo, where she goes to school? At the very least she hung in there today when feeling totally rotten. She's worried but I told her that between her illness, foot injury, and low iron, she can expect a few bad days. I think it's beginning to get her down, though. I reminded her that our 3K fartlek on Saturday was really good, but that didn't seem to cheer her much.

It's nice to have a training partner w/the same workouts, though. If I feel off like I did today, and she does too, then I figure it's just the workouts. It makes more sense to have that context, and I really appreciate it.

Total time today: 1:34:29 for 6:27/km with ave HR 146.

Garmin data here.

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