Friday, January 11, 2013

10K w/2x5' bursts on indoor track

We got a little bit of snow today. Racewalking outside? Impossible.
So Kelly and I opted for the indoor track at the U. The University of Utah, where I work, was open today despite the snow (bummer!). The track is 211m long, so 1:16 per lap is about 6:00/km pace, more or less. I was thinking we'd be slow after yesterday's 10K fartlek (forgot to mention Kelly was ill and didn't complete it - she started throwing up and decided her workout was over). Kelly's legs were very sore today, and mine felt pretty good, but I know that the day after a hard track workout is often slow. Well not today! We were both fast!

Most laps we were at 1:16 or less, and on the 2x5' fast we were 1:10 on the first set and then 1:12-1:14 on the second set (going the other direction, so in lane 3 and hence a bit slower because it's farther around). We alternated directions every 10 laps, which worked out fine. You can see that the lap times were a bit slower on laps 11-19 and 30-39. (one lap I missed, so after lap 13 you have to add one!). Our speed bursts were on laps 20-23 and 31-34; I missed about 8 sec on lap 19.

Total time: 59:28 with ave HR 142. It felt great! I loved having Kelly there to keep me company as it made the indoor track much more fun.

Garmin data here.

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