Saturday, August 01, 2009

TNT workout

This morning the Nike team had 12 miles, and Top of Utah had 16; however, only one TOU person came, and he had to leave early to get to work.

I got to go pretty fast this week! I started off running the first ~3 miles (5k) or so, and then switched to RW. It was a long uphill for the first part of the route, as we started at Highland High (next to Sugar House Park) and went up to the zoo, around the back of it to Wasatch Dr., down to 1300S, and back to the start. It's quite a hilly route, but at least it's mostly downhill on the way back when you're tired.

For the first 11.15 miles (18km; I did 14 miles (22.5km) total) I was with runners for the most part, and averaged 11:16/mile, which was a nice pace for me (though I started off fast with an 8-8:30 running pace with one of the guys, and then it was slower toward the end with the run/walkers). Then I walked the walkers in to the finish, which took 45 min or so. They were doing 16-17 min miles, which is the usual for this group. Good thing that the Nike Women's Marathon has a nice long time limit to accommodate walkers.

I could tell from my heart rate that the blood donation is still affecting me. That's OK, though. I expect that to take a few more weeks to get better. If I hadn't have been looking at my pace, I would have thought I was just fine. My right piriformis is still bugging me a little, but other than that I felt great.

Tomorrow I'm going to take it really easy, and then do 14 on Monday morning (at MY pace!) with Sue.


Oh, and yesterday I took it very easy. I drove to my weight training class, warmed up on the bike for 10 min, and did the hip machine (abductors and hip flexors), cable pulls for glutes, bench press (I have worked up to 95 lb for 3 sets of 8 now!), and a couple other exercises which are escaping my brain at the moment. Then I did an amazingly hard set for abs, which my instructor and I devised recently. My abs are in good shape, and this made me quite sore! I love that feeling, though. I stretched and left class a little early to get to work; I had put in 40 minutes total.

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