Saturday, August 08, 2009

TNT workout - Bountiful Blvd

 Bountiful Blvd is a bad weather omen or something ;). Last time the team was there, in June (when I was rafting), it rained on them. Last time I was there (in February?) with the Spring team, it rained and snowed on us and was cold & nasty.

You would think the middle of the summer would be safe. Not so. We had a cold storm blow in, and guess what? It was 54F (12C), and within a few miles it was raining. Then it was pouring. It rained hard for about 2-3 miles, and then let up, thankfully. Ugh! I wore shorts and a T-shirt as I normally do when it's above 50, but brought my rain jacket in case. I wish I'd worn gloves and capris, too. My legs got cold from the rain and my hands were very cold. But the company was enjoyable, so no biggie - I survived.

I went out with the faster runners who are doing the Top of Utah marathon, and that was good, but even they were slowish on the hills in Bountiful today (they did 10 miles total). I had no trouble racewalking with them at all, and was thinking faster might be nice ;). After 4 miles I went with some of our runners and run/walkers, who were doing 8 today. After some back and forth with the runners, run/walkers, and walkers, I ended up with 9.65 miles at a pretty slow 12:42/mile average. However, my HR was only 121. Probably good for me to have some really good slow miles once in a while! And I'm glad today's workout wasn't too long, since I am going to do 18 on Monday morning.
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