Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camping cancelled

We were packing to go camping, and had about 2/3 of it ready when we got a call that everyone was coming home because of the rain (they'd gone up Friday night and it was fine until Saturday morning's storm). So, we put everything away, and cleaned up the garage a bit (it needed it!). I called my piano students (whose lessons I'd moved to Monday) and got them to come at the usual 4 pm time. Loren and I picked pears from our tree after lunch, and then he went for a massage while I got a quick nap.

I'm kind of glad we didn't go, because maybe I can get some stuff done around here now. Or rest up for my 20 miles on Monday. Or both! Besides, we're going to camp in a few weeks when we go to Oregon for Portland-to-Coast.

So, instead of s'mores tonight we had ginger molasses cookies. I was in a baking mood, and had points from the week as well as from the morning's 8.3 miles, so I enjoyed them thoroughly. Loren LOVES ginger - one of his favorite foods, and it was my privilege to spoil him with some cookies :).

Now I need to get back to my book club summer read - The Stand, by Stephen King. Yeah, it's a horror novel, but a provocative one, and it will be a good one to discuss.

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