Thursday, August 06, 2009


Yup, getting into the longer miles, because the marathon is just over 8 weeks away! Today I was to do 1 mile as a warm-up, 1 as a cool-down, and 7 (11.2 km) at marathon pace (9 miles, 14.5 km total).

I picked a route with rolling hills - nothing too hard, but just a little hillier than the Portland Marathon will be (not so much in steepness - except for the first hill-, but rather in number of hills). I figure practicing with hills a little harder than the race is a good idea.

Here were my splits: 1) warm-up (fairly steep uphill) in 11:54. 2) marathon pace miles (goal 10:30-10:40 on average): 9:52 (downhill, but still... seems fast), 10:41, 10:29, 10:23, 10:56 (uphill), 10:16, 10:53; 3) cool-down 11:31. Total - just over 1:37, and pretty much right on 10:30 per mile for the marathon pace miles. I'll take it!

I felt pretty much fine during and afterward. Even the R piriformis felt decent, with only a few twinges.

Having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I think I'm done blogging for tonight.

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