Wednesday, August 19, 2009

so behind

I'm so behind on everything, so bear with me. I have lots of cute kid pics and other stuff to blog about but no time. I have about 5 min now so will write a couple things.

Kids: They are saying the funniest things! The other day we were explaining about #1 and #2 to Calvin (yes, the bodily functions). After we told him about what #1 and #2 are, he said, "So, diarrhea is #3!". Much laughter :).

Michelle devoured cherries at lunch today and made the biggest mess ever. They were all over. She had to have a bath afterward. I got a photo of her covered in cherry juice but no time to download right now. There was even cherry juice on her back, believe it or not. She also has a nasty skinned nose & forehead from taking a header off the swing at school yesterday. The child has NO fear.



Tuesday morning track workout: Six Yasso 800s were on the schedule. I was also meeting a friend at the track to teach her some racewalking technique, so I ended up resting a little more in between the 800s than is best, but that was OK because I really wanted to help her out. And I still did them, and did them pretty darn fast. She showed up after I did the 3rd one, so the extra rest was only between the last 3. Here were my times: 4:34, 4:30, 4:31, 4:28, 4:28, 4:26. Niiiice. I felt fast & good.

Wednesday - cross-training; biked to weight training and did a good hard set which I won't list here because of the time, and also did abs.


Injury update:

Monday night I got a massage. Lars is amazing and I felt super when I left. He gave my R piriformis lots of extra attention and it helped quite a bit.

Tuesday I went to physical therapy. My therapist agreed that it is probably the piriformis (though there is a small chance it is a disc problem in my back... but he thinks it more likely that it's a RW overuse thing w/the piriformis) and gave me some exercises & stretches to do at home. He also wants me to get some more of my fave anti-inflammatory, diclofenac, from my doc, and take it more often. Good idea :). He said there isn't much more he can do... but did recommend that I get massages at least 2x/month. I guess I can't object too strenuously to that since they feel great.


Race countdown: 9 days until Portland-to-Coast. Only 6.5 weeks until the Portland Marathon.


Nyle said...

Wow, your pace for 800's is excellent ..well done. Doesn’t it feel great to finish them and look back at the times. What an accomplishment.

For my butt injury I also used an antiflam cream before a walk..that helps lots too. Glad the massage worked, it really does help speed up the healing.

6.5 weeks till the marathon....I know you are going to set such a good time. Your training has been going great. Its 7 weeks till I go to Sydney for the has come around so fast.

Keep it up.

Lani said...

Michelle sounds a lot like my daughter: always bruised or scraped up as a result of being fearless. She also had a tendency to eat with her entire body so she ends up wearing her food. I'm looking forward to the pictures.