Tuesday, August 25, 2009

busy busy busy

Things are crazy now. So if I usually read your blog/Facebook/whatever and haven't lately, well, please forgive me! I will catch up on them soon I hope. I will be leaving on my trip tomorrow and will have internet Wed & Thurs but not for a few days after that. So I'll try to catch up then, but we'll see.

Meanwhile, workout stuff:
Sunday - easy 3.65 around Sugar House Park. Felt great.
Monday - fast 8 miles with Sue on the Porter Rockwell trail. We did the first 7 at a 10:28 pace and the last mile was fast enough that our ave pace for all 8 was 10:20. Yeah, that was a fast mile. Fun, though! Bad news... my left foot started hurting on the bottom, proximal to the big toe. It just felt crampy and achy when I got home and rested.
Tuesday - track workout; warm up and cool down 1 mile easy plus 4x400 fast. Didn't want to do a lot because I want to be fresh on Friday for the race. Did the 400s in 2:13, 2:11, 2:11 and 2:08. Awesome. At the end, my foot ached again. It got worse all day as I walked to and from my car 2x at work (1.8 miles total) because I had to take my mom to the airport in the middle of the day. I put ice on it and am taking my anti-inflammatory. Loren thinks it might be some tendonitis :( which is not good news.

I'm not going to RW at all until Friday. Let's hope rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories keep this thing in check.

If I don't update before Friday, it's because I'm enjoying my vacation :). Our team for Portland-to-Coast is "Six Pistols" if you want to check our results online.


Sarah said...

Uh oh. Here's hoping the foot thing isn't too serious and that it gets better with ice and rest. Good luck in Portland!

Harriet said...

Sorry about your foot; have you considered a tape job of some sort?