Saturday, August 22, 2009

TNT workout

This morning was a light turnout for TNT. Some were doing the Wasatch Woman 10k (at least 4 and maybe 5 of them?), some were out of town, had to work, or whatever. So we had 3 plus me & Sue. After recommitment, our team still has 22 people on it, which is awesome :).

One runner, Mark, (our fastest) was doing 14 miles today; he's training for Top of Utah and has 20 slated for next week. The other two were doing 10, as they are training for Nike and Dublin and have 16 next week. They are also runners and one of them, Stephanie, is our fastest woman (she does 8:30s on the long runs) and the other is a guy, Dave, who likes to do 10:30-11s. Perfect for racewalking :).

I started off running with Mark, who usually starts at 7:45-8:00 miles and then speeds up from there. I did about a mile with him at that pace and then dropped back with Stephanie, who was doing 8:30s. I ran (yeah, I don't racewalk that fast usually unless doing speed work) with her for about 2 miles and then dropped back with Dave & Sue. We had a route w/3 short out and backs plus a couple loops around Liberty Park, so it was perfect for running a few times with Stephanie & Mark without taxing myself too much. I don't want to run more than necessary, since I do not usually run much, and I am a bit afraid of injuring something at this point. I feel well-trained and fit and want to be sure I don't get hurt now!

I racewalked with Dave & Sue for about 4 miles or so, and then saw Stephanie again on an out-and-back and ran with her for a mile. Went back for Dave & Sue again, and racewalked with them for most of the rest of the time. I did run with Mark for a few tenths at the end of his 14 --- saw him on the last out-and-back and decided to run with him. He was pushing the end of the run (good training for a cutback week) and was running 7-7:15 miles. I did keep up with him for a few tenths, and even chatted about how he almost got bitten by a dog (yikes!) while on the run this morning. It was hard to run that fast, but I did it for a little :).

Went back for Dave & Sue again and finished with them. I kept forgetting to start my Garmin after stopping for water, but I think I did about 11.5 miles in approximately 2 hr, for a 10:26. Racewalked about 7.5 and ran about 4 I think. 10:26/mile seems slow... but Dave did take some walking breaks (~15 min pace) and it includes about 3-4 min of slower walking at the end. I guess I really have no idea for sure exactly how far or how fast I went. Doesn't matter, really! I got a good workout in, and we had fun!

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Nyle said...

I wish my coach would let me run more than he does. I have found it helps me to balance out my legs. Plus there is just no pressure when you run/jog....

The main thing is to still be enjoying your training, with the distances you are doing each time you head need to mix it up a little and have a good time doing so.

Keep smilin