Monday, June 01, 2015

relapse; The Great Inflatable Race

Saturday: not good. Legs off from just riding my bike casually with Calvin to and around SugarHouse Park on Friday night; only 6K with minimal hills (by bike standards). I managed 5K racewalking at a 6:35/km pace and called it quits. I had intended to do 15K. NOT. Then at least some fun awaited; Calvin and I did a 5K called The Great Inflatable Race, with bouncy house type obstacles. It was pretty entertaining, and Calvin absolutely loved it!

Garmin data here 5K RW
Garmin data here TGIR 5K

Sunday: rest day. A bit of DOMS from the inflatable race, but very minor. My triceps are sore, haha! Took a nap, which felt great.

Today: Jim said to try 5x1km if my legs felt good. I did a 5-lap warm-up at the indoor track (~1.5km) and they did not feel good. They felt tired and heavy. I don't think I'm having any weird soreness now, which is good, but I decided it wasn't worth trying it today. So after warming up I did the elliptical for 20 min to get 30 min total of cardio. Have to do SOMETHING or I will gain back the weight I lost. It's a battle.

I'm a bit irritated that I'm having a relapse, but at least it's not as bad as the last one in November. It's been 6.5 months since then, which is longer than I went last time (by a few weeks?) but the relapse isn't as bad. I'm not as sore as I read that I was in November (it's hard to remember so it's good I wrote down how I was feeling).

Oh well. I just need to get good sleep and eat right and hopefully it'll be gone soon. I might try the 5x1km tomorrow if my legs feel better. Or something else if Jim thinks something else is a good idea.

I just want to feel better. Soon.

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