Monday, June 08, 2015


I was in a bad mood last night. I was so very, very tired, and a bit discouraged. I know I'm getting better overall and that my relapses are not as bad, but when I'm tired it's impossible to keep perspective. Well it feels impossible, anyway. So...yeah...I ate stuff I shouldn't have eaten, and allowed myself to pout and feel sorry for myself, which is silly because I have a good life and ought to be grateful.

This morning my pity party was over and I had to figure out what to do next. Rest up, and hope I can do the 1/2 on Saturday. I rode with the kids to summer camp on the new-to-them bikes I purchased for them this weekend. They had outgrown their old ones and were ready for the new ones, which they were so excited to ride this morning! I got out my husband's bike, because it has lower gears than mine, rode with them, and then up to work from there. The hill from camp to work is much steeper than home to work, hence the lower gears. I took it so very, very easy on the way up here, using the granny gears to ensure than my legs were lightly used. I didn't wear my HR monitor but am sure it was pretty low; probably 110-120 most of the time.

Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll do some speed work, and then not much else until Saturday besides light cycling and elliptical. That should be OK.

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