Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday: was going to cross-train, but family activities and stuff I had to do for my parent's 50th anniversary celebration this weekend kind of took over. In addition, I played a wedding in the morning - fun way to celebrate our own 22nd anniversary (yes, we got married on my parents' 28th anniversary). Busy day.

Today: I was supposed to do 12K, but I woke up a bit late (stayed up late working on more 50th stuff for the big dinner tonight) and so I allowed myself to sleep a little later. Well, then it was hot. Quite hot. It's supposed to get to 102F (39C) today; it was 75-80F during my walk (24-26C). I'm not used to that at all (Nyle - insert laughter here) and so I was dragging. Plus my legs felt heavy and tired. I decided that 6K was enough given the conditions, and the fact that I want to get better again not worse. I am OK with this. Baby steps, I guess. Thanks, coach, for being patient with me for a bit as I navigate getting out of the relapse.

Totals: 39:09 for 6:31/km with ave HR 148; I did take a few water/stoplight stops and a couple other brief rests.

Garmin data here. 

Wedding photos:
My parents, married June 26, 1965

Our wedding, June 26, 1993

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