Tuesday, June 02, 2015


I wasn't sure I had 12K in me, but I did :).

At first I decided I'd go for 6K with the dogs, and then stop by my house to drop them off and re-evaluate how I felt. My dog Powder, the new-to-us-dog, is still not super good on a leash, and she also gets tired after about 6K, so I figured that'd work well. I also woke up a bit late, so I knew I'd also have to check on the kids and make sure they were good to go for school.

I opted for a hillier course because I love SugarHouse Park and really wanted to go there this morning. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning with temps about 16.1C (61F), which feels so warm to me right now. Good thing I don't have any hot races coming up! I decided to just go slowly and not worry about it and just get some distance under my feet. The first 6K was at 6:40 pace but with the hills that seems OK; I did the same course in 6:31/km just before the 15K race and given how I'm feeling this week 6:40 seemed reasonable.

When I got home from the first 6K I dropped off the dogs (Powder was indeed ready to quit!!!) and checked on the kids. Grace needed some help with her outfit for school; they are having a chalk party and are going to get their clothes all covered with dust (something like the Color Run) so she wore an old shirt that had a hole that needed to be safety-pinned :). Calvin needed help restarting the computer because it had crashed during his morning Minecraft time (we allow him 30 minutes before school if he has eaten and made his lunch). After I took care of the kids, I headed out again.

I decided to do the last 6K around Liberty Park, and hit both parks in one morning. Lovely :). I still felt good when I started; around 9K I got quite tired and it was a bit of a slog getting home, but not too awful. It wasn't a death march, and I was so happy to be out doing 12K and enjoying the morning that I didn't mind the tiredness too much. Actually, my last 6K was faster than the first 6K, as I finished at 6:38/km overall.

I had some GI distress for the last ~1km or so but it wasn't too bad. Could have been those cherries I had last night in my protein shake :).

Total time: 1:19:40 for 6:38/km with ave HR 150. No weird soreness after, though my legs are tired and I'm a bit sleepy.

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