Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hot 6K

By many standards it wasn't hot this morning. But it sure felt hot to me. It was 27.2C (81F) at 6:30am. Yep. I think that's the hottest morning I can ever remember here; the cloud cover last night prevented it from cooling off much. Add in 39% humidity (quite high for here; cloud cover again) and it was pretty miserable. I'm sure it slowed me a little, but not too much I don't think. More significant might be my tired legs from yesterday's hike. They didn't feel too awful, but were definitely a bit heavy.

Add in tired pooches and it gets more interesting. As usual, Powder was lollygagging and I was practically dragging her at a few points. I might have to give up on taking her on training walks. I hate to do that as she needs the exercise, but she has to learn to keep up or she'll be relegated to slow walks with me or the kids or Loren later in the day.

I also messed up my Garmin when stopping in the park to pick up after Powder, who decided that the park sidewalk would be a nice place to do her business. Sugar is never that untidy. Sigh... but I lost about 2.5 minutes that way. My total time was approximately 39:30 for the 6K, which isn't too bad at 6:35/km, considering the conditions and my slightly heavy legs.

The fatigue overall seems to be a bit better and now that the big anniversary weekend is over, I'm hoping that I can get back to training hard, if my body will let me. We will see.

Garmin data here (for what it's worth, given the error).

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