Thursday, June 04, 2015

5K fartlek

Yesterday: I felt good, so I did 50 min elliptical. Legs felt quite recovered from the 12K on Tuesday. I did feel a bit sleepy by about 5pm-ish, but that's better than last week when it was more like ~2pm. The fatigue is still there but it's better, I think.

Today: I woke feeling refreshed and ready to go. It was extremely windy this morning and I also didn't feel like working out on the street, because it's not flat. Picky, picky! So I went to the indoor track at the U (292.6 m/lap). I did 5 laps for a warm-up, felt good, and did some dynamic stretching. I felt a lot better today during the warm-up than on Monday, when I abandoned the workout. I was about 20 sec faster on the 5 laps and my body just felt good rather than tired.

When I was ready, I got going on the workout. 17 laps is 4974m, so I did (2 laps fast, 2 medium effort) x 4 and finished with 1 lap fast. My times started off pretty fast, but got slower and my HR was extremely high for the effort this morning. I felt like it was a very hard effort, but didn't feel like it was THAT much effort - ave HR was 166 instead of the usual ~160-161 for this workout. My max was 179 (!) and that seems quite high. I felt reasonably strong, though I was tired for the last ~1.5km or so; I don't know what to make of the high HR, since I felt decent enough and have had no weird soreness at all today. I am a bit fatigued/sleepy tired and hoping to make it through lab meeting without nodding off :) but otherwise feel fine. In addition, I let my watch keep going for 2 min after the workout, and my HR only got down to 133 after 2 min. That also seems high for 2 min recovery, even given my current fitness level.

Total time: 30:04.2 adjusts to 30:13.6 for 5km - slow for how high my HR was. Intervals were 2:49-2:55 for the fasts and 3:07-3:14 for the medium effort, adjusted to 500m. So it was an OK workout overall, and I feel pretty good now, but I am a tad concerned about my heart rate. Seems like I'm not back to feeling good yet, but at least I could do speed work :).

Garmin data here. 

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