Thursday, May 28, 2015

3K fartlek

Originally this was a 10K fartlek...but since I'm feeling "off" this week with a possible mystery illness relapse, it turned into a 3K fartlek. I could have done a 5K, but...

I woke not wanting to do anything. After all, I have neither the work ethic of Erin Taylor-Talcott nor the talent of Maria Michta, so why bother, right? Except...yeah...I need the exercise, both mentally and physically. And this morning I needed it more for my mental state. Don't know if it was the brooding clouds (at left) or continued rain or feeling blah about my relapse, but I was in a funk. And yes, I did feel a LOT better after working out. Does amazing stuff for depression. 

Went to the gym (track! only track available!) and did ~1.5km of warm-up (5 laps) and then a little stretching. I almost didn't do the fartlek, because I thought I'd do 5K, and didn't feel mentally up to it, but then it occurred to me I could do a 3K fartlek. So I did, and I'm glad I did. It actually went well. 

I did 10 laps: 2 fast, 2 med, 2 fast, 2 med, 2 fast, for 2920m. Times were 3:19.3, 3:35.7, 3:20.3, 3:39.6, 3:18.4 for 17:13.3 total, which when translated for the 500m efforts turns into 2:50.3, 3:04.3, 2:51.1, 3:07.6, 2:49.5 for 17:39.4. That's actually pretty good. I'm happy with it. Best of all, after 2 min my HR was down to 122, so I seem to be feeling fine. No weird soreness in the legs either. None,  at least as of now (1pm). Off to lab meeting...

And yes, when I got home, my dogs were doing this. It's a dog's life... :)

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