Saturday, June 20, 2015

adventures in fatigue...but getting better?

This week started out lousy, but has improved. Sunday = tired, tired tired. Monday = so tired and brain fogged (like jet lag, almost) that I called in sick from work and took a long nap. Tuesday = tired; left work an hour early. Wednesday = felt a little better; managed to do the elliptical for 30 minutes; got brain fog around dinner time, which is better than morning or midday. Thursday = rode bike to camp with kids then to work; felt decent.

Friday I felt like doing some racewalking, so I did 5K in 31:56 with the dogs. It was nice to be out, though I could tell I was a bit rusty, especially in the first km. It felt awkward.

Today: club 3K race (photos: judges, at right; participants, below). Last thing that I wanted to do, honestly. I didn't want to suck, was afraid of how bad I'd be, and was/am afraid of possible aftermath of a hard workout even if it was short. But it went OK and I'm glad I did it because it was fun to see everyone, and though I was slow it could have been lots worse. Liberty Park is NOT perfectly flat, and I figure I'd have been 15-20 seconds faster on a track, so I'm OK with my slowish 17:37. My heart rate averaged 168, and it was a whopping 181 at the finish, so I know I was pushing it hard. Garmin data here.  The 500s are NOT accurate; the only accurate splits are 1km and the finish, which were both measured on this certified course. Somehow I missed the 2km split so that's a guess too.

Someday, maybe, I'll be able to train again and will be back in shape. I am glad I'm feeling a bit better the last few days and am hoping maybe the fatigue will go away? We'll see.

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