Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Sunday: rest day.

Monday: rest day....was up until 3:20am working on an important project. So let's just say that racewalking didn't happen yesterday. I did make it through the day at work OK, but crashed out at home for a couple hours. I know in my current state of tiredness that this was a bad idea, but I didn't really have a choice, as there was a hard deadline on this project.

Today: 8K. Stopped my Garmin to chat with a friend in the park (met Henry, who introduced me to Brant (Brent? Geez I'm bad at names!) and Norma, who I've seen before - she's a cute ~70-80yo woman who carries doggie biscuits in her pocket to hand out to canine friends at Liberty Park on her morning walk/run) and then forgot to start it again. Oops. Missed about 750m, so when I got to 7.25km on my watch I called it quits.

My walk went fine; I was nice and fast to start on the slight downhill to Liberty Park, and then evened out at about 6:30/km, but then about 4.5km Powder (new dog) got tired and I had to pull pretty hard on the leash to keep her going...needless to say, my pace slowed a lot. I stopped to let her rest for a bit at 5km, then got her going a bit farther, then had to stop again. Oddly enough, I think she knows which way home is, because when we turned for home she perked up a bit and I was able to go faster again. So my walk was a bit slow, but it would have been faster w/o the dogs (I'm guessing about 6:25-6:30/km w/o the dogs?). Hopefully I can get Powder in better shape, or I will have to circle back home mid-walk to leave her so that I can go the pace I want with Sugar, who is a good endurance doggie.

My pace was 6:36/km with ave HR 150. Garmin data (missing 0.75km) here. 

I'm feeling OK now, though I am quite sleepy. I think I'm not all the way back on my normal sleep schedule, so if I'm tired that shouldn't surprise me. Hard to say if it's the mystery illness or not. Legs feel fine, thankfully - no weird soreness. I will have a better idea of how this affects me tomorrow, I suspect. A good night's sleep tonight will be critical, so I am going to make sure I'm in bed earlier.

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