Monday, February 17, 2014

rest day; 5K fartlek

Sunday: rest day!


Monday: Drove down to Orem, where Stevie lives, to do a 5K fartlek with him (OK, well he had an 8K fartlek, but still…). It was nice to have the day off today so that I could go do that, plus I wanted to stop by IKEA on the way home and get some furniture for our bedroom (renovating this weekend - paint, carpet, etc.). We warmed up in 10:05 for 1600m easy at the Orem High School track; I felt my technique was a bit off to start, but after a lap or so it settled in and I focused on keeping it good and strong throughout.

After some dynamic drills, we started the workout. Stevie took off like a shot and I let him go; interestingly, he never got that far in front of me (150 meters at most) and at the end of my 5K I was reeling him in. Have to talk to coach about how Stevie is doing his hard workouts - I don't think he's been getting it quite right. I talked to him a bunch afterward and explained more about the fartlek workout and I think he was starting to understand it a bit better at the end. I explained it to his dad, too, as he was watching and yelling technique corrections to poor Stevie!

My 5K fartlek went about like last week - much slower than if I am fit, but not terrible. Today the recoveries were a bit better but my fast segments were not as fast. I felt pretty strong for most of it, but after driving to IKEA (driving aggravates things a lot for me), loading heavy boxes into my car, and driving home, my legs definitely are stiffening up and hurting a bit. Anyway, I felt like I got through the 5K fartlek pretty well. My splits ranged from 2:46 (out too fast on the first one) to 3:00 for the fast segments and my recoveries were all 3:06 and one 3:10. Total time 30:08 with average HR 161.

Garmin data here.

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