Wednesday, February 05, 2014

3.165K fartlek - indoor track

Yesterday: elliptical for cross-training; muscles quite sore from Sunday's yoga. Mostly normal muscle soreness, but perhaps a bit of the weird soreness I experienced so severely through November.


Today: 3K fartlek on the schedule. 19F outside and pitch black. The roads were mostly clear after snow yesterday, but I just didn't feel like battling the cold and dark, so I went to the indoor track. I warmed up for 8 laps (1688m) in 10:40. I felt a bit off at the start, but I worked hard on technique and by the 4th lap or so it felt smoother and like things were kicking in. I then did a few dynamic drills (after the 8 laps).

I got started on the fartlek and for the first lap I was flying - felt so smooth, with such great technique. Maybe it was my fast shoes from David Smyth? He sent me them 2 yr ago and I couldn't use them then because I was recovering from a foot injury, but now they are just awesome. It was good to be fast…but I went out too fast (oops!) and at the end of the workout I paid a bit with slower times. Still, it was MUCH better than my 3K fartlek 2 weeks ago, and though I was working really hard (ave HR 166!!!), I felt my legs responding and they felt good and strong through the first 2km.

Here are my splits - "adjusted time" is divided by 1.055 to give the time if I'd done the fartlek over 3km instead of 3.165K. I'm pretty happy with the time of 17:23 and with my fast intervals - even the last one, when I was very tired from starting off a bit fast, wasn't too bad at 2:53.

lap time ave HR max HR adjusted time
1 02:51.0 152 164 02:42.1
2 02:55.0 166 170 02:45.9
3 03:12.8 166 169 03:02.7
4 02:58.2 171 175 02:48.9
5 03:21.0 168 172 03:10.5
6 03:02.5 172 176 02:53.0
18:20.5 17:23.1

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