Wednesday, February 26, 2014

cross-training; 3x1km

Yesterday: cross-training. I did 35 min elliptical and then dusted off the bike because it was SO warm and lovely (high of 60F (15C)) and rode my bike to work. That did cause a few problems…

Today: 3x1km. Warmed up and my legs felt quite sluggish and unresponsive. I think that bicycling to work was responsible, as I haven't done that in months. My warm-up of 1600m was much slower than on Monday, at 10:18 - and with a low HR of 133, and I just felt "off". I didn't have any muscle pain or anything like that, but my legs just felt like stumps. Not sure how to explain it. My foot was also achy yesterday after the elliptical and bicycling, so I was nervous that it would be a problem this morning on the workout. I was VERY happy that it was just fine - maybe a bit warm-ish, but it felt fine and there was no pain.

The 3x1km went about how you'd expect for someone whose legs were a bit compromised, but it wasn't awful, and my last one was the fastest. Somehow I pulled it off, despite it all. I figure I'd have been at least 5-10 sec faster on each one if my legs had felt good. Anyway, the times were 5:48.8, 5:48.5, and 5:45.1. My ave HR on the last 500 of each was 155, 158, and 161 - I was working hard, but you'd expect a bit higher, so I think from that data you can tell my legs were iffy today, explaining the slower times.

Good enough for today. I'm happy I could work out, and I'm happy nothing hurt. Speed will come later.

Edited to add: This was my 2nd speed workout in a week - first time I've done that in a while! So I'm pleased that I completed it and that I feel good now.

Garmin data here.

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