Monday, February 10, 2014

rest day; 10K w/3x3' bursts

Yesterday: rest day. I was going to do yoga, but I was too into the Olympics. If I were at home I'd have done yoga in front of the Olympics, but I was at my parents' house and didn't want the volume of the yoga DVD to disturb them. Lame excuse…but…well… I'm an Olympic junkie - what can I say?


Today: 10K with 3x3' bursts. Weather was OK - 40F (4C) and raining lightly. It wasn't a soaking rain, for which I was grateful. I felt pretty good until 7K, when legs got tired, and about 9K they got really heavy too. But I finished, and at 6:30/km, so I'm happy. My bursts were 2:58, 2:58, and 3:06 (! I thought I was going faster? Legs tired I guess - HR was nice & high - you can see the bursts on the HR trace).

Technique felt lousy for 1K and then I settled in and it felt really good. Worked hard on posture and looked at reflection in shop windows on 21st South - looked really good. I want to be super solid as we increase mileage so that I avoid injury and can lay a good foundation for longer distances later in the year should I be up to them!

Total: 10K in 1:04:56 for 6:30/km with ave HR 148.

Garmin data here.

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