Saturday, February 15, 2014


Yesterday: 45 min elliptical. My foot was a bit sore but I wore my racewalking shoes with orthotics to work and tried to stay off it as much as possible. By the end of the day it was feeling better, and I wore some boots (no heel) to dinner and the symphony with no ill effects. Whew.


Today: 14K was on the to-do list. We are having record-breaking warm weather (it was 60F today = 15C for a high!) and this morning it was about 48F (9C), calm, and cloudy. I wore capris and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt, and it was so lovely. Stevie wore shorts and a T-shirt!

Today I just wanted to have good technique and to finish feeling decent, without hurting my foot or piriformis or anterior tibialis. I did all that, and also managed to keep a 6:30/km pace. Sure, I'd have liked to go faster, but my fitness is not there yet, I'm working on my technique, and right now finishing strong is what I care most about. I actually felt better today than I did on last week's 12K, and MUCH better than the 12K two weeks ago. At about the 11K mark today, I noticed I was still feeling strong and though my legs were a bit tired, I knew I had plenty of muscle to make it to 14K. I am sure I could have done 15K, but we're saving that for next week.

My foot wasn't sore during the workout (well, maybe a touch?) but it did bother me a little later in the day. I wore my old pair of shoes and that seemed to be a big improvement. I think it was just the shoes?  If I'm still feeling pretty good on Monday after my track workout then I think I'll be fine. I'm a lot less worried after getting through things just fine today.

Totals: 14K in 1:30:58 for 6:30/km with ave HR 148.

Garmin data here.

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