Saturday, February 08, 2014


Yesterday: 35 min elliptical + lots of core exercises with Lisa. My legs felt pretty tired from the yoga and the Wed-Thurs workouts, but they were just fatigued with very little of the weird soreness.


Today: 12K. I met Stevie at the Jordan River Trail and the weather was surprisingly warm :). It was 40F (4C), though quite windy. We definitely had some headwinds from 3k-9k that slowed us down in spots, plus there is still a very icy spot on the trail, but mostly the conditions were very good. It didn't even rain on us, though it did threaten to.

I felt pretty good today. Yes, I got a bit tired on the last few km, but Stevie and I had a quite interesting conversation and that distracted me a bit from tired legs? Either that, or I'm getting stronger, or both. This is not to say that it was easy today - it's just that it wasn't very hard as it has been. It was challenging, but not ridiculously so. I stopped at 6K for a few minutes to apply Aquaphor for chafing, which helped; stopped at 9K for a bit of stretching (slightly tight in piriformis - better than last week, though!). Other than that, we kept moving.

Technique felt solid and pretty good. I had Stevie watch me a bit, for what that was worth. I am pretty confident that the changes I've made are holding.

Totals: 12K in 1:18:03 for 6:30/km with ave HR 150.

Garmin data here.

Jim said I can increase my mileage next week! First increase since I've been training again - finally, I have managed to get through the week's training in good form and feeling pretty good, so it's time to increase. We are still staying with 4 days/wk of racewalking for now - that will increase later as I'm able.

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