Thursday, May 30, 2013

3K fartlek

Though longer stuff has been killing me of late, at least I can still racewalk, and I can do shorter stuff. So that's what we are doing for now. A 3k fartlek once a week and other as I can tolerate.

Perfect weather at 50F (10C) and clear with a little breeze. I warmed up at the track in just under 10 min for 1600m and felt OK. Legs were definitely a little sore (why oh why????) but it was all right. Did dynamic drills and started on my fartlek. I was much faster than the 5K fartleks the last two weeks, but still not very fast compared to when I am feeling 100%. Still, I'm happy with this for now - I can either be upset that I'm not what I was before, or I can just roll with it. I choose the latter!

Total time: 17:14 with ave HR 158 and max 168. I pushed hard on the last 500.

I worked very hard on my technique. I am trying to finally FIX my posture 100% - I realize that that slight forward lean inhibits hip rotation and slows me down a lot, so I focused hard on that today. Thanks, coach, for looking at my videos and helping me figure stuff out!

Garmin data here.

After my workout I went to the gym and did 15 min elliptical. Later, I biked to work. Need plenty of cardio to get that last 5 lb off. My legs have been a bit sore today, which is pretty sad from just a 3k fartlek. I'm getting it checked on Monday so no worries.

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Nyle said...

Keep at it Tammy. I feel your frustration. I know you and Jim will figure it out and before long you will be back super speedy again. :)