Saturday, May 18, 2013

brief post - 3x1km, cross-training, road trip

Tuesday night - a ton of PT exercises with Erin. Glutes, core, and much more.

Wednesday - cross-training; 30 min stationary bike, 15 min elliptical, and biking to work and back.

Thursday - warm-up, legs felt totally dead and heavy (from the PT or the fartlek? who knows?). Nice weather - 17C (64F) and sunny. Didn't want to do the 1Ks after the stinky warm-up but did them anyway. First one was 5:37 (2:48, 2:49) and Erin said my knees were probably illegal. Grrrr. She gave me a pointer - arms back farther - and then I had it and it all clicked. Second repeat my legs were trashed but still managed 5:48. Third one I gritted out in 5:52. Definitely worked these harder than 85%. Super depressing how slow I was but whatever...I will be back and I WILL NOT QUIT! I am determined to fight through this whatever it takes. On the plus side, my piriformis felt MUCH better today after the ART with my amazing chiropractor Derek Parkes. If you are local I highly recommend him.

Friday - optional; I opted to cross-train as I need the exercise. I'm still trying to lose that extra 5 lb and not giving up on that either, darn it! I did 53 min elliptical before I had to run to get the kids to school. Then took an awesome road trip with Nancy and Kathy from SLC to Vegas. Today (Saturday) we're driving from Vegas to Riverside, CA and meeting up with all our RW friends for dinner. So exciting! The road trip and dinner with Nancy and Kathy last night was such a blast - I really needed a vacation day with my girlfriends.

Garmin data here for 3x1km.

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