Saturday, June 01, 2013


Yesterday I cross-trained; elliptical at the gym and then I biked to work.

Today Jim said to try 10K and see how it would go. That was what I was thinking to do anyway, so out I went. The weather was amazing again, which always makes things more pleasant. At 49F (10C) and sunny, it was lovely, and it warmed up as I went. Perfect racewalking weather.

The first 5K was great. Though my glutes and hamstrings were a bit sore to start, I felt pretty good. On a slight downhill, I did 30:14 and worked on my technique. started to hurt. My legs got more and more sore and more and more tired. I was able to keep the pace from getting disastrous, and it IS a slight uphill for the last part, but I slowed quite a bit. My last 5K was 32:52 for a total of 1:03:06 (6:19/km) with average HR of 135.

So, while I'm doing a bit better this week, that is still not really normal. 10K shouldn't leave my muscles feeling so tired. Well, I am getting it checked on Monday. If there's nothing obvious wrong we'll just have to deal with it; if there is something wrong, hopefully it can be easily corrected.

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