Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7.2km; cross-training

Sunday I took a rest day.

Monday I did an easy 7.2km at a friend's house in Spring City, UT. It's in a rural area with lots of cows, sheep, etc. I thought it was pretty flat, but turns out that it had a good uphill of 70m along the route I chose. Oops. I did the 7.2km at a 6:32/km pace and my legs were quite tired. Man, I'm wimpy these days. No gas in the tank. Jim called while I was out and we agreed I need to get some blood work just to make sure things are OK: iron (ferritin), cortisol, thyroid. I suspect my iron is fine since I have been taking iron orally since my previous low ferritin diagnosis a couple years ago, but I suppose it can't hurt to check.

Today I decided to go to the gym and work on the treadmill a bit. I have a lot of trouble walking legally on the treadmill for my PT appts and wanted to work on it. I started slowly and gradually ramped up my speed to 5.8mph (10:20/mile which is about 6:25/km). I know I was nice and legal, and I worked on my toe push a bit and on allowing my hips to rotate. It felt good but I tired quickly and jumped off after 15 min. Then I did 30 min on the elliptical and called it quits. Wanted to ride my bike to work but the weather was most uncooperative and I'm a fair weather cyclist.

In good news, I have lost a few pounds and seem to be keeping it off. I would like to lose about 5 more to be in my best racing shape. Let's hope the rest of me starts to have some more energy soon. I'm not sure what is wrong and it's annoying! I WANT to train!!!

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