Monday, May 13, 2013

~6km; PT

My friend Erin is visiting and arrived very late (2 am!) last night. Despite that, she got up early so we could walk together this morning, and even walked a bit slowly for me the first 6km of her walk. I was to do 6km, and she 12km. She inspired me with her pace, despite still being quite sore from getting hit in the knee by a discus a few weeks ago (you can still see how her right leg is swollen).

My piriformis felt pretty good this morning despite the relatively quick pace, and I was surprised I'd recovered that well from Sunday's 15K. The time passed quickly having a friend to talk with, and I really enjoyed Erin's company.

We did the 6.32 km in 38:34 for 6:06/km and my ave HR was 147. That's the fastest I've walked in a while where it felt pretty good (though I guess I've had a few OK speed workouts). The piriformis felt fine the rest of the day, too.

At 3pm I had a PT appt, and Erin came along. The PT gave me some great exercises to strengthen my glutes and work my external rotators and abductors - Erin really liked them a lot too. The treadmill video part wasn't so great - I swear I cannot walk properly on one of those things. Erin got a bit irritated with me and told me I had a mental block. Well, whatever the case is, something is wrong. The video looked terrible and I knew exactly what I was doing wrong WHILE I was doing it but couldn't fix it on the d@#* treadmill. It was really frustrating and kind of upsetting too. Regardless, I did feel we accomplished some useful things regarding my technique and getting more smooth - less heel pounding, more rolling all the way through the toes, and a more upright stature.

Garmin data from 6.32km here.

In addition to the PT exercises I did with the PT, I also did some back/core exercises after I got back from the 6.32 km while Erin was doing the rest of her walk. Felt good.

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