Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the week so far

Monday: 24 hr post-race. I woke up not feeling too bad, so I drove to Fairmount Park where the race was and did 5.18km easy, at 6:25/km pace. It felt decent! Then we were in the car ALL DAY long (9am-9pm) driving home. Legs did OK as we stopped frequently to stretch, but still...yikes!


Tuesday: Decided a day of cross-training would be a good idea. Did 45 min elliptical and 30 min PT/strength training with Erin, and then biked to work. My legs actually felt great - very recovered!


Today: 10K with 2x5' bursts at 10K pace. My legs were quite tired - I think from the PT exercises, which is good. I need to keep working them and get my glutes stronger. Erin watched my technique and gave me a few really good pointers, mostly about the usual: avoid the lean and keep my arms back. I added in (mentally) moving my hips well and pushing through my toes. It was a great technique workout because I did get very tired and had to focus hard to maintain technique. I felt I'd be too tired to do the bursts, but Erin coaxed me into two 2' bursts, and then I did a third on the uphill about 7.5km - can't tell it's a burst because of the uphill but it was!

My legs are pretty tired now and I have an 8K fartlek tomorrow. But Erin reminded me today on my workout that each day is its own workout and it's not like I need to "save" anything for tomorrow. If I'm a bit slow on the speed work, so be it - it'll just be a harder workout but it'll make me stronger. Gulp!

Garmin data here. Total 1:02:50 for 6:17/km with ave HR 148.

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