Wednesday, May 08, 2013

technique work; x-training

So last night my coach called me after watching yesterday's video and told me straight up front (no small talk) "Your technique looks like s***!". Uh, yeah...I knew that, which is why I had him watch the video. I needed help! Thankfully, coach Jim is a total genius and figured it out right away. I wasn't using my hips at all (not rotating them - probably afraid of pain?) and so my stride was super short and guess what? Doing things that way caused me MORE pain and problems. In my defense, it was compensatory and I didn't know I was doing it.

This morning I was to go out for a 3-4km walk and work on technique, not worrying about pace or time. So that's what I did. I walked 3.68 km but stopped frequently (every 0.5km-1km) to do some drills to stay loose, especially the drill where you stand with legs planted and swing your arms, allowing your hips to rotate like chicken on a spit. It worked well. I felt SO much better today - much looser, and no pain. I mean, I have a bit of residual pain from yesterday (especially when sitting! sciatica! ouch!), but I could tell today's workout did not add to it. I felt good, and fluid, and just overall much more natural. What a relief!

I'm to do this again tomorrow, and I plan to do it at the track and have Kelly videotape me again. She is so gracious to get up and meet me that early - her classes were postponed to 11:30 am tomorrow but she is going to get up anyway to help out.

After my brief workout (23 minutes or so; 6:13/km pace) I got the kids off to school and then took a bike ride to work to get some more cardio in. It was beautiful this morning - nice and warm and sunny. It rained on me on the way home :( but not too hard, so that was OK. Our weather is supposed to be super nice this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it being in the 80s!

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