Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I decided to go out for an easy walk and thought 5km wouldn't tax me too much. My legs were pretty tired (why?????) but I figured I could do 5km no matter what. I wasn't at all in the mood to walk, mostly because every time I've walked lately I have 1) felt crappy, and 2) been really slow. But I'm glad I went (isn't that pretty much always the case? I mean, what would I rather be doing, sleeping (maybe yes...!)?). The weather was gorgeous - 50F (10C) and sunny and clear, and that helped.

Out I went, and I focused really hard on good technique. Arms back, keep core strong, no lean from the waist, allow hips to work, keep right leg straight, push hard through toes. It was a great technique session - I really felt it was going just right. I have a few shop windows to look in along several points in my route and I looked good.

I was fast this morning! Happy me! But I did tire quickly and was glad I was just doing 5K. I did the 5K in 30:11 for 6:02/km with ave HR 141, and with one brief stretching stop. My piriformis felt 95% good - just some tightness, and no pain. Now if I can just get my endurance up I'll feel better. I made a doctor appt for Monday so hopefully some answers next week. If I get a clean bill of health I will chalk this up to soreness from technique adjustments and proceed to ramp up more slowly this time. That's my plan if my coach agrees.

Garmin data here.

30 min is not enough exercise, so I biked to work too. Have got to stay on top of my weight or it creeps up. Nice day to bike, though it might shower - hopefully it holds off.

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