Friday, April 13, 2012

hilly 10K

I could NOT get out of bed this morning. That's not like me. I was sooooooo very tired until about 11am, and then I started to feel more normal. I went to the gym this morning and did some core work, but did not racewalk until this afternoon. Luckily, it was a slowish day at work, so that was fine.

It's hilly at work. I did the flattest course I could, but it is still rolling hills. I was supposed to throw in 2x5' fast segments, but I didn't because 1) I was tired, and 2) the hills did that for me. Some parts were pretty steep.

Anyway, I felt OK, albeit tired, and my time was decent. I did the 10K in 1:01:26 for 6:09/km with ave HR of 148. That seems pretty good with the hills.

I wore a new pair of retro New Balance 420s, and I liked them; they seemed like they did the job all right. Nothing special, but they worked. They were on clearance, and they are bright red, so why not :)?

I hope I feel better for my 25K tomorrow. I am just so very tired today! The boss commented that maybe I am overtraining. He is an athlete himself (running, biking, and triathlons mostly) so it's possible he's right. Personally I think I just had a bit of a tough week sleep-wise, despite trying to get better sleep, and that is partly responsible. But I have been putting in a lot of hard miles, so I suppose I'll just keep an eye on things.

Garmin data here.

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