Saturday, April 07, 2012


Weather: 30F (-1C), clear, and a very slight breeze. Chilly for April, but it was actually quite a nice day to be out. The flowers are in full bloom here and yesterday's snow is all melted. It's predicted to warm to 60F today (15C) and 70F tomorrow for Easter. Nice!

The workout: I felt good today for the first 15K or so, and the last 5K was a bit of a slog, with tired legs. My legs were sore when I got up, probably from the walking lunges I did yesterday at the gym (w/10 lb weights). Those are great, but if I don't do them at least once per week they make me sore when I return to them. I've been bad about lifting, so it's been quite a while, hence sore legs today. The nice thing about having sore glutes is that it makes you more aware of when you are using your glutes and when you are not using them as much, which leads to some good technique work. Still, the last 3K really hurt, and my legs were complaining a lot. After the workout I took the kids to SugarHouse Park for the Easter egg hunt, and my legs were very sore when we were there! It was good to walk around a bit and get the stiffness out.

Here are my splits and total time; my average HR was 149 for the whole workout. 5K 30:27.3, 10K 30:59.5 (1:01:27), 15K 31:10.6 (1:32:37), 20K 31:46.2 (2:04:24).

Garmin data here.

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