Tuesday, April 10, 2012

fast 15K

I felt great today! I guess it helped that I didn't quite do all of the workout yesterday...but enough beating myself up over that. It's done now.

The weather was gorgeous: 50F (10C) and calm and clear. Perfect shorts and T-shirt weather :) (50F is my cutoff for that). No gloves either...ahhhh so nice!

I started off fast, but my heart rate wasn't high at all (upper 130s) and I felt I was taking it easy. At 5K I was surprised to see my time was 29:48! Granted, it's a slight downhill, but still...that was fast. The next 5K felt good as well, and was also fast, in 30:19. The final 5K I was working harder (HR about 150) but not too hard, and finished in 30:43 for a total of 1:30:50 for the 15K (6:04/km!) with ave HR of only 144. Wow. That's the fastest "easy" 15K I've ever done.

After the workout, I took the kids to school and then punished my glutes with a bike ride up the hill to work. Ouch! But it felt good :).

Garmin data here.

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