Monday, April 16, 2012


Yes, I know, I was supposed to do 7x800/200. I overslept my alarm again :(. Apparently I'm still a bit overtired, despite a nice nap for an hour yesterday afternoon. Of course, before the nap I did go to church (and play the piano for prelude, offertory, and communion - the usual), do a Costco run, and take the kids to a birthday party. It was a swimming party, and I was in the pool with them a good deal of the time. Obviously I need to learn to slow it down a bit on my rest days, but it's very difficult balancing home and family life with training. I was thinking about that this morning, as I knew I was running late, and Calvin woke and asked me to fix the tape on his toe (a toenail ripped off a bit too short). I did that, and then he wanted my attention about a few other things, and finally I told him "I really have to go to the track now, Calvin. I'm late!" I felt bad about that, but Calvin can really keep you going for a while if you let him, and you have to draw the line somewhere. It's a balancing act.

So, while I was warming up on the track, I was thinking about what kind of mother I am. I was worrying that I don't have the right balance. I enjoy doing lots of things with my kids: Kindermusik, piano lessons, ice skating, helping them with homework, and special things like taking them to the planetarium, more-than-weekly playdates with their friends. However, I know that none of my friends who have kids this age expect their kids to get dressed and get themselves breakfast in the morning while mommy is off working out (and daddy is home sleeping), and I do expect mine to do that. And actually, most of the time, they DO it. They might not match their clothes well, and sometimes they dress too warmly or not warmly enough. They don't always make the best breakfast choices, either, but they are doing better. I guess as I write this that I see the benefits of expecting them to fend for themselves a bit in the mornings. But still, sometimes I wonder if I'm doing it well enough.

The weather was perfect this morning - 45F (7C), sunny, and calm. Despite that, I almost left the track after 2 warm-up laps. I knew I didn't have time to do all seven 800/200s, and the mommy guilt was getting to me. But I felt good and I told myself I'd just do ONE 800/200 and see how it went. Then if it went well, I'd keep going. I only warmed up for 1200m total with some strides and some dynamic stretching, and then got started.

The first 800 I took it pretty easy, remembering last time I did this workout that I went out too fast and it wasn't good at all. I did a 4:16.1, with average heart rate of just 142 and max 152. Wow, that was fast for the easy effort. However, my right hip was hurting a little bit...annoying...but I kept going as I basically felt pretty good. After 30 sec rest, I did the 200, and it was a smokin' fast 53.9 seconds. The 2 min rest felt nice and long, and I didn't even consider quitting. The hip continued to nag me a bit during the workout, but it never got to be more than a twinge. I was revved to keep going despite the hip. I continued to do them fast and well, feeling really in control and surprised at my times. 4:11.1, 53.1, 4:10.8, 54.0, 4:08.0, 53.5, 4:10.7, 53.1. By the last one, I was working hard but not unmanageably so. I probably should not have done that last one due to time, but I did it anyway, because I was having such a good workout. I did manage to get the kids to school on time as well :) so it all worked out just fine. I feel sure I could have done 2 more under 4:15 and 0:55; I was fatiguing, yes, but not so much that I couldn't do a couple more...but of course I didn't have time.

Well, I did the best I could, and this is my best set of 800s ever. Too bad I couldn't do all seven. My only concern is technique. I wonder what is going on w/my hip, and also hope I am still legal. I feel that I am, but any time you make progress like this you do worry a bit if you are holding your form correctly. Am I lifting? Are my knees bent? Hopefully the answer to both is no.

Edited to add: The total time for 5K today was! OK, so I did rest in between, but!

Garmin data here.

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Harriet said...

Obviously I am not an expert on legality. But I do know that walkers who have a 25:xx 5K time tend to walk their 50K's in roughly the time that you walked yours.