Saturday, April 14, 2012


Really briefly - before I teach piano - busy day today!

Weather - started at 44F (about 6C) and breezy, and partly sunny. Ended at 48F and breezier and threatening rain. It actually started raining right after I finished.

Before the 25K this morning I timed our club 5K race, so I didn't get started on the 25K until 9:30ish. I ate a couple bananas (in a hurry...), one before leaving the house and one before starting the 25K.

I felt tired today. My legs were heavy and sore from about 10K on. That's a long time to be sore and heavy-legged. However, I wasn't as slow as I felt. I still managed 6:16/km for the 25K. I'm missing 0.2km of the distance and time from my watch because I accidentally forgot to start it after stopping for traffic once. Oops.

Total: 25K in 2:36:38 (extrapolated the extra 0.2km = 73 sec) with ave HR of 147 and very tired and sore legs. Done!

Garmin data here.

I loosened up my legs afterwards with a little figure skating with the kiddos. I have now mastered the Mohawk, 3-turn, and today I figured out power 3-turns! Plus my legs feel better after skating a bit - not so tight.


Edited to add: figured out 5K splits from this walk, adding the 73 seconds to the last 5K. 30:55, 31:23, 31:29, 31:25, 31:24 - that's pretty good! Much better than I thought it was.

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