Monday, April 09, 2012

3x2K, 4x1K DNF :(

Don't panic! Yes, I did not finish (DNF) this workout, but it was only due to oversleeping/poor sleep and not due to injury. Whew.

Still, I am really mad I didn't finish, because I was doing really well. I'm totally mad at myself for 1) staying up too late last night, 2) eating too much Easter candy, and consequently oversleeping my alarm this morning. I fell asleep on the couch last night at about 10:30pm and woke disoriented at 12:30pm and dragged myself to bed. I slept fitfully and heard my alarm but pushed snooze too many times :(.

Goal for this week: GO TO BED EARLIER! Seriously...lights out at 9:30. Well, I won't be able to do that Tuesday night, as I have a hypoxia experiment at work that will keep me up until 11 pm (or later), but at least Wednesday morning is a cross-training morning, so that should work OK.

All right, I'm still mad, but at least I've mostly gotten it off my chest. Now on to the workout.

Arriving late at the track, I did a short warm-up of only 1200m with strides. I did a few dynamic stretches and then got started. I wasn't in a very good mood but know from experience that doesn't necessarily matter too much. The 2Ks went well. I took it easy on the first one and was still fast - 2:45, 2:45, 2:46, 2:49 for 11:05.7 w/ave HR 153. The next two I worked a bit harder but was able to hold my speed; by the third one I was working very hard at the end but by then I knew I didn't have time for all of the 1Ks, so I figured I might as well push harder. The second 2K was 11:06.7 (ave HR 160) and the third 11:08.2 (ave HR 163).

I thought I'd have time for two 1Ks at this point, but obviously don't do math well when working out at high intensity :). I did one in 5:33.2 (2:46.5, 2:46.7) and when I looked at my watch it was just too close to do another one before getting the kids to school. My legs were tired at this point but I am 100% sure I could have done one more at the same speed. After that I'm not sure what would have happened, obviously. I think I would have done pretty well, and I'm still mad that I couldn't finish and find out.

Oh, and the weather was perfect too, so it would have been really nice to finish. It was 45F (7C) with a light breeze. It's predicted to get to 78F today! Of course, this being Utah, it's supposed to snow on Thursday I hear.


Garmin data here.


Edited to add:

1) Yesterday was a rest day, and so I took the kids figure skating, and practiced a bunch myself. My Mohawk is finally getting better! I'm working hard on my 3-turns but they're not good yet.

2) After DNF-ing the workout I decided I'd bike to work for a little more work for the legs. Penance of sorts, if you want to call it that. It's gorgeous out and I'm biking over to a friend's after work while the kids are at Mad Science (extra afterschool program) and we're going to bike together (easy, slow :)!).

3) I forgot to post some Easter pictures. Here they are. My favorite is my husband posing with the hammer. He replaced the roof on the shed, which was just pure awesomeness.

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Hunca Munca said...

LOVE this picture of Loren! Pure awesomeness!!!