Saturday, July 04, 2015

Murray Fun Days 5K

Happy 4th of July!

It was REALLY HOT this morning. 82F (27.8C) and overcast, and then the sun came out about 2K into the race. Ughhhhhh. I drank a bunch of water before the race, a sip or two during, and dumped some over my head before, during, and after. But the heat slowed me down. That, and lack of training. I was pathetically slow. This race is never fast, as it has a few hills, but it's not usually THIS slow.

Even Calvin was slow - he was 4 min slower than last year (reflects lack of training on his part too). At least I was only about a minute slower than last year, I think.

The good news? My heart rate was not that high - in fact, it averaged 158, so obviously I had a bit more to give (if it hadn't been so hot). Clearly I'm recovering from my latest bout of fatigue and perhaps things will be looking up.

Pep talk to self: I will not remain slow. I'm feeling better, and hopefully can begin training hard again and do well at Portland-to-Coast.

I did enjoy the race; it was fun being there with Calvin and with my friends Diane, Dawna, and Nancy from the Wasatch Walkers.

Total time 30:39 (official). Sad.
Garmin data here. 

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