Monday, July 20, 2015

8K in Cascade Locks

Beautiful weather at 61F (16C) and a bit of a breeze. It's been HOT here in the day but the mornings are delightful. Yesterday we took a train ride on the Mt. Hood Railroad, complete with great views of Mt. Hood, of course. My legs had a bit of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) yesterday from the 14K, but just a bit, and considering that I sat immobile in the car for 6 hr after doing the 14K that is pretty good in my book.

Today I was a bit sluggish to start, and the route had rolling hills at the beginning and then steeper hills in the middle. Vacation means not being sure of a good route in the area, and so sometimes it's potluck. And sometimes the best you can get is, well, hilly. But I embraced it as good hill training for Portland-to-Coast next month, and so it was all good.

I did feel a little tired today, but I performed well and completed the 8K in 51:15 for 6:24/km; that with 74m elevation gain/loss in the out and back route, and average HR was 149. I took one photo but then my phone battery died; too bad, because the scenery was great. Cute little town and beautiful bridge over the Columbia River Gorge. I'll try to take some photos today when we pack up camp and drive through town.

Garmin data here. 

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