Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5K fartlek in Sunriver

We drove to Sunriver, Oregon yesterday to stay at my aunt and uncle's home. It's absolutely beautiful here, and in conjunction with our volcano theme we drove very close to Mt. Hood yesterday, saw the Three Sisters, and also Mt. Jefferson. Today we're going to go to the lava fields near Sunriver and also have some pool time :).  The photo below is of 3 deer I saw on my warm-up this morning. The high desert here is full of life.

This morning I did my 5K fartlek. There are great paths here for running/walking/biking, but it's like a maze, and I got lost at the 2km mark and had to spend a minute to get oriented (and was still a bit messed-up!). But other than that, the workout went well. My legs felt heavy on the warm-up and a bit tired from yesterday. The terrain here is mostly flat...sorta. Gently rolling hills in spots have a way of messing with the fartlek times. Garmin says that I had 10m elevation gain throughout, which I believe.

Everything was great through 3km, and then I got a bit tired, but was able to push reasonably hard and finish decently. The first 500m (nice downhill) was the fastest at 2:44.9, and the slowest was the last at 2:54.0. Medium-effort 500s are getting faster; they were 3:03-3:09. Total time 29:33, which I am happy with considering that my legs were tired from yesterday. Average HR was 159, which is also good. My resting HR according to fitbit has been going down as well, probably due to the relaxation effect from vacation :). It has been about 49-51 since going on vacation.

The elevation here is about 1270m (4200ft) which is very close to the same as it is at home; a bit lower. I didn't notice the altitude (that was a joke...been close to sea level for a couple days, which is not enough to become unaccustomed to altitude).

Garmin data here. 

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