Saturday, July 11, 2015

hilly 12K

My poster session at the SDB meeting was until 11pm last night; thankfully, Matt covered the 10:15-11pm part for me after I covered the early part for him (the poster belongs to both of us). Still, by the time I drove home from Snowbird and got ready for bed and read for 15-20 min, it was 11:30 pm :(. I woke up and got out the door by 6:15 am because a friend needed us to watch her 3 1/2 year old starting at 8 am. Life is a bit crazy! Anyway, after not very much sleep I had to hit the road so I could be back in time. It was a lovely morning and it was great to be out; 18.9C (66F) and calm and clear.

I took the dogs, figuring I'd drop Powder, the slowpoke, back home after 6km (around Liberty Park). She annoyed me so much this morning! She was lagging badly by 3km and I exerted a lot of extra energy to drag/cajole/convince her to go faster. I still did the first 6km at a 6:32/km pace, so that was OK. By then I was SICK OF DOGS, so I dropped both of them home and went out all alone. a mom and a lab mom I don't get enough alone time. I decided to do SugarHouse park for my 2nd 6km, as it's hilly and I need hills to get ready for Portland-to-Coast. My legs were a bit tired by 8km, and that combined with the hills slowed me down to 6:37/km overall for the 12km with ave HR 147; total time 1:19:23. But right now speed doesn't matter; that will come back again eventually.

I'm feeling OK now. Tired, but that's because I didn't sleep enough. Legs are all right; no weird soreness or any other problems. Like I said, they were a bit fatigued by 8km, but were never "dead" feeling and it wasn't a death march to get home. Even had a little extra for a faster downhill 500m at the very end, so I was doing OK. Hopefully after some good sleep and a rest day tomorrow I'll be good to go for next week for a bit harder training. My resting HR as fitbit calculates it is up a little from 54-55 to 57; not sure if that is stress from the conference (since my poster session was last night and I was a bit keyed up about presenting our not-so-great data, though we did get a few helpful suggestions), lack of sleep, or natural variation. It was 57 yesterday and today so far. I will keep monitoring it. At least the recovery HR was good during yesterday's 3x1km, so I'm not too worried about this and suspect it might be natural variation or minor conference stress that should go away after tomorrow.

Garmin data here. 

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